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The Team

in no particular order

Audrey-Anne Whittom


The token pop culture nerd. Also self proclaimed anime and modelisation expert transforming your ideas into 3D reality.

Louis TB


The founding dork, who started Neek. Passionate about hard technical problems and kind of a visual artist sometimes. He is crazy about weird keyboards and owns like 6 of them.

Camilo Vides Perez


The quaternion wizard. With is strong technical skills and is strong interest for experimental pipelines and technologies Camilo is a key part of the development at Neek. He's also really into eating cheetos with chopsticks.

Jérémie Roy


The pepito sangria lover. He likes playing with software and hardware to blur the real from the digital.

Antoine Thériault


The improvised prince of the web. Fascinated by the possibilities of digital environments, he is enthusiastic about the challenges of interactivity. You can also find him working on visual art and playing virtual golf.

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Sila XR

Client : Canadian Center For Architecture
Technologies : Microsoft Hololens 2, Unity Engine

AR Installation by Artist Asinnajaq at the Canadian Centre for Architecture. Neek took care of the whole development of the AR experience, the experience runs on the HoloLens and features a short narrative that adds a layer the physical installation on the gallery space.

Neek Team :

Technical Direction : Louis TB
Lead Developer : Camilo Vides Perez
3D and Animations : Audrey-Anne Whittom
Sound Design: Vincent Cusson